TARA Robotic Automation is an engineering company that serves robotic solutions to its customers and also it is able to modify the standardised systems in terms of the customer's needs and production methods. TARA minimizes risk of projects and creates most profitable solutions with best price favorable by using standart and flexible robotic systems designed by TARATARA Robotic Automation choosed the way that being an expert on specific areas instead of knowing a little about different areas so, TARA Robotic is an enginnering company that only works on robotic machine loading application, robotic packaging and palletizing applications, creating production lines.

Machine Loading Applications

Tara Robotic Automation becomes a leading company in robotic machine loading , CNC loading , transfer machine loading , press loading with the help of wide experience about robotic vision systems and robotic applications. Tara's special camera software that is brain of flexible and smart automation systems is unique and exclusive. Other automation companies realize the quality and the advantages of our technology. They started to create robotic solutions to their customer by using our technology and support. We evaluate this situation as the approval of advantages of our systems. In general, TARA Robotic Automation's customers are belonging the production sector, but we also serve robotic solutions for other sectors. We could say that 'We could serve robotic solutions that supply high profit for the customers in the area of Robotic machine loading , CNC loading , transfer machine loading , pres loading '

Carrying, Packaging,Palletizing Applications

TARA Robotic Automation wanted to be an expert on specific areas and it focused on robotic product carrying, packaging and palletizing applications. Tara Robotic Automation proved itself with setting up over 100 palletizing robots and it has the most references in Turkey about palletizing applications.

In this context, TARA Robotic Automation became a leading company with special systems and solution in the area of;

• Construction chemicals, lime, calcite, micronized and cement sector with 25-50KG Bag Palletizing
• Food, Drinking and General Industry with Pacel and Case Palletizing
• Water Insdusry with bottle,viyol and rock palletizing
• Food Indusry with Canned Palletizing

TARA Robotik Automation proved its quality and success with special designed robotic grippers, parcel making machines and parcel closing machines. TARA Robotic Automation raises its sales rate over estimated rates also in the period of financial crisis. Sales rate is %30 higher than previous year. Tara Robotic Automation will keep or rise its acceleration in comming years and it wil protect its innovation based progress with the help of extraordinary engineering applications.

'We are growing remarkably. In this progress, our customers are important factors. Our customers are satisfied and make profit by using our systems so they demand new robotic solution from us. We call them as subscriber briefly'