Tara Robotic Automation became an expert on the area of robotic bag, parcel, box, and water bottle palletizing packaging and carrying automation systems. TARA is a leading company in the sector with the help of the established systems by Tara. We have been system integrator of Japanese FANUC robot and Swedish ABB robot. Any kind of full automatic palletizing applications will be designed for your plant by experienced TARA engineers.

Main companies that use robotic bag palletizing automation described below:

  1. For palletizing operation of bags in construction chemicals sector
  2. For palletizing operation of bags in plaster factories.
  3. For palletizing operation of bags in factories that produce micronized calsit
  4. For palletizing operation of bags in lime factories
  5. For palletizing operation of bags in factories that produce plastic materials.
  6. For palletizing operation of bags in cement factories.

In these kinds of factories, you can easily use our palletizing robot.

Why should I use bag, parcel palletizing robot?

  • The bag parcel box palletizing robot helps you and your customer to increase your sales by improving the productivity (speed, stock area, labor)
  • With the help of the special gripper designed by TARA Robotic engineers, your bags parcels boxes cases are shaped by robotic gripper. So that the looking of your pallets become rigid and nice. This fine looking of the pallets rises your reliability in the eye of your customers. Standard fine shaped pallets will reflect your quality to your customers.
  • After using palletizing robot, you will realize that you need to rise the efficiency of your machines. At the same time, you will know the required exact time for filling a palet so that you can give exact time to your customer. At the end of story, you become a company that can keep its promises to the customers.
  • After establishing the palletizing robot you will reduce your labor costs and raise your productivity.
  • You will realize that you made a rational investment in short time when you consider the maintenance costs and labor costs.

Why should I choose palletizing robot instead of Palletizers?

  • Palletizers keep larger place than palletizing robots. Palletizing robots will only keep 400mm*400mm place of your plant.
  • Palletizers have many mechanical units on them. They are very complex systems so that the breakdown possibility of the Palletizers is much larger than palletizing robots. However, palletizing robots are compact servo motor systems. The breakdown possibility of the robot is less than the Palletizers. In addition, air and electricity consumption of palletizer is higher than palletizing robots.
  • Palletizer systems have many complex PLC software in it and changing the work piece requires high PLC knowledge. In our palletizing robot systems, changing the work piece takes only 5 minutes and does not require for any PLC knowledge.
  • Changing the placement of Palletizers is very hard because the Palletizers has many mechanical unit on it. However, changing the place of palletizing robots is very simple.
  • The maintenance costs of palletizing robots is cheaper than Palletizers.
  • On the other hand, using palletizing robot means that you are a company that follows the technology. This is very important for your prestige in the eye of your customer.

To see our special designed grippers please see the video.