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APPLICATIONS / CNC Loading Applications

One of the most challenging applications of TARA Robotic Automation is CNC, counter, lathe loading applications. TARA is a leading company in the area of CNC, counter, lathe loading applications with its special designed robotic automation systems with fixture and camera-based. In addition, it is the robotic automation company with the most references in Turkey.

Changing The Work Piece takes only 5 minutes with camera based robotic systems!

Especially for the companies that manufacture fason and work with different work pieces at the same CNC, counter, lathe TARA Robotic’s camera based robotic applications is the most effective and flexible robotic systems. In our system, it is quite easy to change the work piece and program the robot for new work pieces. These two actions take very short time. Because of this, using CNC, counter, Lathe loading robot is an big advantageous for the companies that changes work pieces frequently. Robot is easily reprogrammable and adaptable for the changes on production lines.

One CNC loading robot can feed three CNC at the same time!

CNC, counter, Lathe loading robots do not waste time. CNC, counter, lathe loading robots could be used for other operation after loading the machines. For example; deburring operation of the work pieces could be done by robot or drilling operation on work piece could be done by robot or scale control of the work piece could be done by robot. So that, CNC, counter, lathe loading robot could be used for different operations by this way investment cost could be earned in shorter time. Because 3 CNC could be fed by one robot, robot investment could decrease three times.

Minimum Fault, High Efficiency and maximum gain

CNC, counter, lathe loading applications requires high repeatability and attention. These jobs may be tedious, routine and dangerous for operators. Robots are the most suitable automation systems developed for these kinds of jobs. High security robotic arms reduce injuries and keep workers safe. So that, accidents are prevented.

The advantages of CNC load / unload robots are: