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APPLICATIONS / Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc Robotics is a leading company about robotic in the world.

Fanuc Robotics has many different kinds of robots for different applications. The Fanuc Robots could be used for high speed and sensitive operations on the other hand they could be used for heavy load jobs. With 99.99% percent of reliability FANUC robots are the most solid and reliable robots in the world. Because, Fanuc Robotics is only robotic company that produce its components in their plants. Software and hardware is controlled by on its own. FANUC Robotics are far more than any manufacturer. FANUC is fast, flexible and supportive business partner and always at our side, and open for our requests The fact that one third of FANUC Japan employees work at AR-GE department which shows FANUC is the most advanced in technology. All FANUC products are developed and manufactured in Japan. This is possible because all production lines are done with robots and automation. Advanced robotic automation is used in all production areas of the FANUC plants. More than 1 000 robots now work in the FANUC factory. FANUC also adapts intelligent robots to their own factories to maximize productivity, increased technical and financial advantages in machining and assembly lines. FANUC has a vast experience using these latest advanced products in its own production areas. They showed that automation and robotics let raise productivity and reduce cost


Fanuc’s aim is to make the robot even smarter. So he develops his own camera systems and special force sensors. Fanuc is also interested in the fact that its solutions are efficient and simple. These developments bring customer satisfaction.


FANUC is number 1 in the world in factory automation and robots.It has the broadest range of products for a wide range of application areas. They are designed to be intelligent and of superior quality that you can always trust. FANUC is fast, flexible and supportive business partner and always at our side, and open for our requests


FANUC is the only company that develops and manufactures all its main parts in the sector. Every detail, hardware and software is kept under control in an optimized chain. The result is superior functional reliability and the belief of our satisfied customers.