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APPLICATIONS / Palletizing And Packaging Applications

Tara Robotic Automation became an expert on the area of robotic bag, parcel, box, water bottle palletizing packaging and carrying automation systems. TARA is a leading company in the sector with the help of the established systems by Tara.

Flexible Robotic Palletizing Systems

With the help of the robotic arm technology and special designs of TARA; bags, parcels, boxes, water bottle palletizing and packaging became very flexible and adaptable for the changes. We are offering you our adaptable, programmable bag, parcel, box, water bottle palletizing packaging carrying robots instead of ungainly, one time programmable, complex palletizer system. With high repeatability and sensitivity, our robots guarantee the quality. Only with +-5 mm error tolerance, the maximum rate of palletizing is satisfied. On the other hand, our bags, parcels ,boxes, water bottle palletizing robots are very fast and sensitive, so that you will be able to produce more and reduce your direct cost. The software of TARA gives an understandable interface for the operators. With the help of the palletizing software, making different kinds of palletizing programs are possible and it is very easy to use.

Flexibility, Speed And High Performance = Palletizing Robots

Bag, box, case, water bottle robotic automation is faster and more flexible than manual systems of other ungainly Palletizer systems. Palletizing Robot can hold one work piece or hold more than one work piece at the same time. Palletizing different work piece at the same time is also possible.

Job Security and Labor Health

Carrying heavy loads for a long period of time is not appropriate for workers in terms of job security and labor health. With the help of the bags, parcels, boxes, cases, water bottles palletizing robots, you will be able to produce more with less labor cost.

Robot is easy to use and user friendly

Using bag, parcel, box, case and water bottle palletizing robots is very simple and user friendly. For this reason, robotic projects could be easily established and maintenance of the robot is very simple. In addition, adapting robot to your machine is also simple and it takes little time.

Precision Operating and Low Wastage Ration

Bag, box, case, water bottle palletizing robots are sensitive and repeatability of the robots is very high. Bag, box, case, water bottle palletizing robots are able to palletize and package different types of work pieces with the help of the changeable gripper systems. Robotic arms can grip the work pieces with different pressure to prevent the damage on work piece. Robots are slow when lifting and releasing the work piece but robot is very fast when carrying the work piece. For this reason, palletizing operation is possible for qualified production with less wastage.

Increase Productivity and decrease cost

Non-production times are prevented, costs are reduced because of productivity and efficiency.

Save Space and Cost

Bag, Parcel, box, case, water bottle palletizing robots take little place in your plant when we compare with old type Palletizers systems. If we consider the unit price for square meter, our palletizing robots is the most advantageous tool for your plant.


We have robots that can carry 6kg up to 1200kg.

Long Lifetime and Working in Difficult conditions

Lifetime of our robots is long. They can work at dirty, dusty, unhealthy condition. As optional, with the help of IP65 feature robots are resistant for powder and pressured water.

Paletizer out Paletleme Robotu in!

Advantageous of using robot instead of Palletizers:

“Take advantage of our experience in palletizing robotic systems. To do that, we can visit you and make a free consultation.”