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Tara Robotic Service
7/24 Emergency Robot Service

Robotic service and technical support are the key words for TARA. TARA Robotic Automation is waiting for technical support with 5 robot, 4 mechanic technicians and also team of partner firms for 7/24 hours. Technical support and service after sale is very important for TARA also giving robot training to you will make us happy. In addition, you do not have to buy robot from us for robot training. If you will change your factory and production system we will be happy to help you. We are ready with experienced sevice personel in Robot programming,addition or modification of your robotic cell,proces automation or any other applications.

As TARA Robotic automation, we are working hard for creating perfect systems. Unfortunately, computer systems do not work till the end of time. Therefore, we are always be with our customers whenever they need us. In addition, our service engineers are always keep in touch with our customer and they make all of the organizations for maintanance and help for customers.

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