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APPLICATONS / Transfer Machine Loading Applications

TARA became an expert on CNC transfer machine loading applications with custom robotic solutions developed by TARA and became a leading robotic company by creating special robotic cells. CNC and transfer machine loading robots could be integrated with CNC, transfer machine, press, injection blow molding machine. This kind of machines are working nonstop and CNC transfer machine loading robots are very suitable for automation in unmanned lines.

Robot is an ideal solution for high speed transfer machines

The CNC transfer machines are very expensive so that they have to operate with full efficiency. When we consider the operating time of the transfer machine, the operators are not able to feed them on time. This reduces the efficiency of the transfer machine at rate 25% and 60%. However, with TARA Robotic Automation’s special robotic systems and flexible camera based robotic systems, loading the machines by robot provides 50% increases in machine capacity.

With Transfer Machine Loading Robot, Labor costs will be reduced at the rate of 95%

CNC, transfer loading robotic systems that let the investors gain back the investment cost in maximum two years give our customers to have maximum profit with minimum labor cost.

Robot does not want for permission and does not eat

CNC and transfer machine loading robots are able to work for 7 days and 24 hours. By using robotic systems, CNC and transfer machines are used with high efficiency. In addition, with the help of the transfer machine loading robot, you are able to give exact length of term to your customers. Because the robots are always working with the same capacity.

What do you say about flexibly manufacturing?

Especially camera based robotic systems, changing the work pieces and programming the robot for new work pieces is very easy and teaching new pieces takes very short time. So that, using CNC and transfer machine loading robot is very advantageous for the manufacturer that changes the work pieces frequently. Camera based robotic system is very flexible and this is advantageous for the robot investors.

Minimum Fault Maximum Gain

CNC and transfer machine loading robots prevent the faulty which is occurred because of human fault at the rate of 95%. CNC and Transfer machine loading may be tedious and dangerous for operators. However, these kinds of work require high degree of repeatability and attention. Robotic arms are very suitable for these operations. High security robots reduce injuries and keep workers safe. Therefore, the accidents are prevented. Advantageous of the CNC and transfer machine loading robot described below:

CNC Transfer Tezgahı Besleme Robotlarının Avantajları Şunlardır:
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