TARA Robotics Automation has become a sector oriented company with special robotic solutions by creating standard robotic cells and become an expert on CNC, transfer machine, lathe, and press loading applications. Machine loading robots are being used to feed injection blowing machine, CNC, transfer machine, press etc. Especially in this type of machines that is working nonstop and unmanned are very suitable for machine loading robots.

Key Word is Flexibility
Programming robot for new work piece and changing the work piece is very easy especially for sighted robotic systems with camera. Because of that the machine loading robots are very suitable the companies that the work piece is always changing. Robot is reprogrammable and could be adapted to the changes.

Robot will never stop
Machine loading robots could be used easily after the operation time. For example, the robot could deburr the operated work piece. It also drills a hole on work piece or control the work piece whether it is okay or faulty. In this way, machine loading robot could be used for any other operation. The investment cost will be back in shorter time in this way.

Minimum Fault Maximum Gain
Machine feed applications require high level of repeatability. While machine feed applications require attention, this can be tedious and dangerous for operators. Robots are well suitable for this kind of Works. High security robots reduce injuries and keep workers safe. By this way, there are no job accidents.

Advantages of Industrial Machine Loading and Unloading Robots:

  • Machine loading robots increase productivity
  • Machine loading robots let you to produce with high added value
  • Machine loading robots achieve a consistent maximum quality
  • Machine loading robots are a great tool to get rid of operator dependence
  • Machine loading robots works with minimum error and waste
  • Machine loading robots achieve maximum product with high speed and performance
  • Machine loading robots are easy to use and flexible systems