Created with it’s advanced Japan technology, with NACHI robots you can start to gain high efficiency in the field right now. Especially in automotive and industrial automation sectors, adopting NACHI robots not only means that you would gain the highest technology robot but also means you will gain reliability in your systems while continuing your processes. With its continuous r&d crew and vast amount of robot types, you can use NACHI robots in your Company with convenience.  Especially under the favour of the agreement with TOYOTA, which leads to 800 robots to be operating in TURKEY in the meantime, our robots work under the heavy conditions continuously. NACHI calls it “sustainability” shortly and they don’t accept any excuses due to the halt of any robots.


Sensitivity is a particular aspect for NACHI robots. Within the supports of it’s strong r&d support and special designs, our robots occupies very shrinked region in you Company as well as the fastest robots in the industry is being manufactured by NACHI. By this trait of NACHI, it will give positive feedbacks faster than it’s competitors due to it’s Production rate. Especially it’s easiness to be learned, it will take approximately 3 days to manipulate a NACHI robot. So that it is possible to use NACHI robot in small to large any kind of factory in. You may contact us to use this advanced Japan technology NACHI robots in your establishments as well.