Robotic Applications With Camera

The ability of human eyes to perceive and classify the information is unique. We are serving our customers by giving this ability to robot with camera. In this way non standard work objects is sensed by robotic system with an integrated camera.

Robotics Applications with camera for the future
With the help of sighted robotic systems, all kinds of machine like CNC, transfer machine, press, lathe which are being used in industry and fed by human could be fed by robots. You could teach the new products to robots easily. What are the advantages of the system? The main motivation behind the foundation and growth of the whole development of TARA Robotics is 'integrating camera technology in user friendly robotic automation systems'. Within robotic automation systems, features such as flexibility are often overlooked instead of speed and precision, but you do not have to sacrifice flexibility! We combine these three features in the same robotic system. The basic principle of our system is getting the position of work piece in right way by the using special software of camera and transforming the position of work piece for robot. After that, the robot arm can pick up the work piece with high precision and can fed the work piece to the machine correctly.

Flexibility for Sighted and Knowing Robots with Camera
It means to be able to work comfortably with the work piece made of any kind of material. With our robotic systems, you can get good results for casting and sheet metal parts as well as for plastic work pieces. Beside, you are able to increase the quality and reduce the costs by using our robotic systems in many different applications such as loading of processing machines like CNC and transfer machine, welding, assembly and also quality control and measurement. In past, robotic automation was not possible for factories that do not have standard work. In past, the robotic systems was not appropriate when the work piece is changed or revised in a short time, but it is now possible with the help of sighted and teachable robots with camera that TARA Robotic developed.

User Friendly Technology
Combining speed, precision and flexibility is a challenge that TARA Robotics has come up with successfully. With the help of our entrepreneurship and the great spirit of creative technology –the center of it is sighted robotic systems- we become a leading supplier in the area of flexible material processing systems with sighted robots in our country.

Flexibility speed precision
Robotic Applications with camera is the basic of our work. Many of our robotic engineers have worked on the development of our camera systems during their professional careers. The goal of developing the best robotic system combined the team under the same umbrella and they achieved the goal. The heart of our machines is our special camera software which is created by our robotics engineers. One of the most important feature - our customers call it as a breakthrough- is that new work pieces can be easily teachable to the camera and the robot in a few minutes. Our special camera software can be used easily by all users. You do not have to be an image processing engineer to work with this system. With the help of our camera and robot software, the holding position of the robotic gripper could be easily teachable.

Our Technology is a Turning Point
For teaching the new work piece we needed days and weeks in past but now we are able to teach new work piece in minutes. Now, we do not need any mechanical change when we change the work piece because with the help of the camera we are able to see all different work pieces and also get the position of the work pieces. TARA Robotics Automation is not just a supplier of camera systems. Tara is a supplier of well tested robotic automation systems which is work by having regard to functionality, flexibility and user friendly production.

Easily Adaptable Systems for Changing Production
In today's manufacturing sector, service time is becoming more and more important. Producers are forced to produce in less time by consumers. The situation brings demand for automation systems to adapt quickly and easily to new production methods. If you choose TARA Robotic Automation system, you can be sure that the 'teaching' for new products will be faster and simpler than any other robotic automation system.

  • Changing to new work piece in sighted robotic system with camera is maximum 5 minutes.
  • Teaching the new work piece in sighted robotic system with camera is nearly 15 minutes.
  • Even production is changed in sighted robotic systems with camera, high quality will be continued.
  • In sighted robotic systems with camera, the time for getting the investment cost back is very short

Many of our customers have discovered that many different products and processes can be produced with high quality and without human touching by using our flexible sighted robots with camera increasing number of our customers see the value of having a flexible camera-based robotic automation system, even when they produce fewer products. With products of TARA Robotics Automation, you have a solution that continues to work today and in the future. .

“We claim with the help of the fast set-up and short set-up process, you turn your direction to qualified production, therefore qualified products and best profit. That means briefly more earnings.”