Water Bottle Palletizing Applications

19lt Water Bottle Palletizing robots are the most improved and effective systems for palletizing operations of water bottles. Water Bottle palletizing robots will satisfy all of your needs whether you use wood pallets, rocks or viols for palletizing.

Robots Could Be Used Whether Before Washing Bottles Or After Filling Bottles
The best advantageous of water bottle palletizing robot is you can use the same robot for palletizing and de-palletizing operations with the help of special designed gripper by TARA. For example, robots are used for taking bottles from rock then giving empty bottle to the line and taking the full bottles from the line and placing them into rocks.

More Water Bottles in Less Time
The best advantageous of palletizing robot is that it is able to grip 16 water bottles at the same time. With the help of this feature, palletizing and de-palletizing operation time is reduced and productivity is raised.

Special Design Robotic Gripper
Special Designed Robotic Gripper of TARA let the robot to put water bottles on wooden pallets or viols or into rocks. It also lets the robots to put cardboard between the water bottles. In our turn in key solutions, there are empty pallet stations, cardboard stock area and water bottle grouping system and security fences. By this way, one water bottle palletizing robot is able to do different operations at the same time.

Hard and Dangerous Job for Operators
It is easy for water bottle carrying and palletizing robot. Carrying heavy loads is very hard for human and this operation affects their healthy but this operation is very easy for our water bottle palletizing robots. In addition, the job accidents are prevented if you use robot for this operation. Heavy loaded pallets may be toppled by operator and this situation will probably harm the operator. In water bottle palletizing automation can work full automatic with no labor

Turn in key Water bottle Palletizing and Depalletizing Automation
We are able to do all of the operations with water bottle palletizing robots like de-palletizing the pallets and give empty bottles to the production line, also taking the full water bottle from the conveyor and palletizing them.